Pocket Cow Sense




Go mobile with the latest addition to the Cow Sense family of herd management solutions!

Pocket Cow Sense makes record keeping fast, accurate and most importantly enjoyable! With Pocket Cow Sense installed on your hand held computer you can conveniently take your records to field, pasture or chute. Add or edit records, then simply update Cow Sense on your main computer for powerful analysis and reporting.

*Each new purchase of Pocket Cow Sense Includes $20.00 of Customer Service Credits

Use Pocket Cow Sense to record or reference:

  • Breedings
  • Preg Check
  • Calving Data
  • Weighing
  • Herd Heath and Treatments
  • Animal locations, shipping, or movements
  • Inventory work lists
  • And much, much more!


See more Pocket Cow Sense screens!

Although not a requirement, Pocket Cow Sense is also fully EID compatible and gives you instant access to information when you scan a tag! A pocket PC equipped with Bluetooth communications allows you to use a wireless EID reader to scan EIDs onto calf records or “lookup” records of calves, cows, or bulls. You can also connect your pocket PC to an electronic scale head to drop the weights directly into Pocket Cow Sense!

*Pocket Cow Sense runs on any Pocket PC with a Windows® Operating System.

  • The Pocket PC is not included in the price, but is available in our store. Click HERE to view the Nomad Pocket PC.
  • Pocket Cow Sense is an accessory to Cow Sense and requires a core product license (NgPro, NgPro100, NgEZ, NgEZ100)

See the Pocket Cow Sense product detail sheet.

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