Midwest MicroSystems LLC is a software development company headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company was established in 1993. Our principal product is a beef cow herd management software called Cow Sense®, which we sell nationwide and internationally. We also do custom software development, and presently have software solutions in place with clients in Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Texas.

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Our Mission Statement

Midwest MicroSystems, having an agricultural foundation and rural focus, is dedicated to improve the economic position and success of our customers by providing superior information management solutions. The company will deploy high quality, integrated information management systems that establish a dominant position in the global market and lead to sustained growth and financial success. As a result, Midwest MicroSystems will increase the profitability of its customers and thereby strengthen the viability and the quality of rural life.


Recognition of cattle producer’s data management needs was first realized by the company’s founder Jim Lowe.  Through work with his own herd, the need for data management became alarmingly obvious and so he began writing on ranch computer software tools for his operation in the mid 1980’s.  The word of Jim’s programs spread through surrounding area and requests for copies followed.  Because of ever increasing demand he began marketing the program in 1993 and since that time, it has developed into the premier herd management tool in the cow calf industry.


Cow Sense is driven by a vision of the beef industry that is fast becoming a reality today. From the beginning, the principals of shared the vision of a beef production approach that allows the producer to capture the appropriate value for their production. At the ranch this means informed management at the level of individual production units – in our industry that’s individual cows and bulls. We often hear people in our industry use the cliché that “information is power”. Informed management supported by objective individual measures of economic traits on the ranch may very well dictate the role you will play in this industry. Now that’s POWER, and it’s also why Cow Sense was created, to provide beef producers a tool to harness that power.

Keeping pace with the challenge

Beef production traditionally has been a highly segmented industry in contrast to its competitors in the protein market. Information systems and emerging technologies present beef the opportunity to compete and respond to consumer demands, and regain market share. Powerful forces are now driving rapid adoption of information systems in the beef industry. The continuous decline in the cost of computers makes the required equipment more and more affordable, even for the smallest operations. More significant, however, is a growing acceptance among beef producers that they must measure in order to manage, and share performance information along the production chain if they are to maintain the rebound in beef’s market share. Invariably, beef production systems demand record keeping and tracking animals from conception to harvest (ultimately the meat counter) and back.

Our line of beef industry management tools is a clear indication that we understand the challenges and opportunities that the beef industry faces every day. Just as the beef industry is changing, so is our line-up of management tools for beef producers. The advent of beef alliances, source verification initiatives and beef quality assurance programs has created an even greater need to know more about each animal you produce and be able to track each stage of production from mating decisions to meal time. We are pleased to provide additional peripheral products that have been developed to interface with Cow Sense to meet the continuously evolving technological needs of the beef industry. In additional to the internal economic pressures of ranching, external pressures such as consumers increasing demand for source verification, beef quality assurance, herd health concerns as well as the National food animal identification initiative, all point to the importance for good herd record keeping. We have seen government-mandated approaches to all of these issues in other countries. Cow Sense offers you proactive response to these issues today, to be ahead of the curve as these pressures may impact the marketing of your production.

Commitment and Dependability

At Midwest MicroSystems, the cattle business is not just our client base but also our legacy! Our products for the beef industry were designed and programmed for beef producers by a beef producer. That inborn appreciation of our industry and the challenges we encounter provides us the ability to understand cattlemen’s needs and incorporate their input. The combination of our highly technical skills and hands-on beef production expertise provides a unique ability to design products that efficiently and effectively meet the needs of the industry.

Our company is in the software business for the long haul. Midwest MicroSystems is strategically positioned and focused on making the beef producer more profitable by providing state of the art, technologically advanced tools and services. We incorporate “cutting edge” enhancements to make our products easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate your individual needs, yet filled with the most powerful, analytical tools available for herd management and improvement. This commitment insures that we will be here to meet your needs today …as well as the future!