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B&H Charolais offers bulls that have the extra muscle and depth to get you more profit in the present market. Our bulls convert feed to red meat efficiently in this age of high feed costs.

The Bieber Red Angus breeding program began in 1968 and has been built upon discipline and selection for performance, convenience traits and carcass traits. Bieber Red Angus produces bulls that are in studs throughout the nation.

HALL RED ANGUS is a cow calf operation. It has always been our goal to produce cattle that are efficient, practical, and easy to raise. For the past thirty plus years we have been selling useful, balanced yearling bulls with volume and muscle to produce the kind of feeder cattle the industry demands today, and females that will work in commercial cow herds under everyday range conditions. We utilize optimum production through rotational grazing on native Sandhill pasture.

Leachman Cattle of Colorado is a leading supplier of seedstock. In addition to marketing bulls, females, and semen, we also provide data services to progressive ranchers. Cow Sense Next Gen users can submit data to Leachman and receive our industry leading $Ranch, $Feeder, and $Profit indexes. Email us to learn more.

Padlock Ranch is involved in the beef business from pasture to plate. Profitablity and sustainability go hand in hand with our business philosophy. Quality of life of our stake holders ranging from management to owners to full time employees to part time employees is critical to our success.

We are a family owned and operated breeder of registered hereford cattle. We have about 60 cows and use top genetics to produce quality breeding stock that we sell all over the midwest. We have bulls and females available almost all the time. Please check us out!


Allflex Livestock Intelligence is the world leader in the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of solutions for animal identification, monitoring, farm management, and traceability. Our data-driven solutions are used by farmers, companies and countries to manage hundreds of millions of animals worldwide. By putting intelligent, actionable management information into farmers’ hands, our solutions empower them to act in a timely manner to trace animals and safeguard their health and wellbeing, while achieving optimal production outcomes for a healthy, sustainable food supply.

SenseHub™ Beef monitors individual animals using Allflex eSense ear tags proven on thousands of farms worldwide. These tags collect and transmit animal data to your operation’s communication network. Backed by decades of experience in tag development, manufacturing, advanced algorithms, Allflex Livestock Intelligence delivers reliable performance and powerful insights into the status of your herd.

Advance your reproduction strategies with accurate heat detection

Unmatched heat detection accuracy that enables timely breeding, to optimize conception rates

Detect cows or heifers that cycle back into heat


Optimize health and overall cow wellbeing

Early detection of health issues, enabling preemptive action

Improve nutrition management

Group consistency – get insight into how feeding changes are affecting your cows

Improve your quality of life with remote management and peace of mind!

Avery Weigh-Tronix. A leading manufacturer for over 37 years, of livestock scale componentry, either single animal or group scales, truck scales and on board weighing for cattle feeding mixers, grain carts, and bin scales. Established long term interface with Cow Sense Herd Management software.

A Pioneer of Worldwide Animal Identification Products since 1945, Destron Fearing provides innovative products addressing the needs of livestock producers, horse owners, wildlife managers and government agencies. Offering a full line of RFID (radio frequency identification) products and solutions to automate the collection of critical livestock production and carcass information. Individual and herd information can then be easily transferred between all parties involved in the production and retail of meat products. Information sharing allows the food industry to meet the discriminating demands of the market place.

Today, leading producers recognize that livestock weighing is an essential component of effective farm and ranch management. Capable and reliable, and yet so simple to use – Gallagher SmartScale provides a weighing solution that contributes to more profitability and takes the hassle out of livestock management. The regular weighing of live animals is vital to increased productivity and profitability. Well-informed management decisions come from animal weight data that is easily obtained and accurate.

Electronic ID Systems for Livestock – Tags, Readers; Visual and Insecticide Ear Tags. Livestock identification systems, including electronic identification will be one of the livestock producer’s most valuable assets in the near future due to consumer requests for source and age verification of cattle, swine, sheep and other types of livestock.

See Valley Vet Supply for products to ensure the health of your farm and ranch livestock, pets, and horses.

Y-TEX® manufactures RFID tags exhibiting superior performance and offers state-of-the art RFID reading systems and Simcro automatic syringes. Y-TEX® also produces All American®,Lone Star EZ and Lone Star Feedlot visual tags, XP 820, PYthon® Magnum and WARRIOR insecticide tags, BRUTE® Pour on for Cattle, GardStar® 40% EC and PYthon® & Co-Ral® Livestock Dusts.

Micro Beef Technologies is a cutting-edge, research and development based innovator of patented computerized management systems for comprehensive individual animal information collection and management decision making and has 35 years experience pioneering information, marketing, health, and nutrition systems. We are dedicated to making beef better by innovating cutting-edge, technology-based beef management solutions that increase the profits of our industry partners while improving the beef eating experience.


Clemson University Extension works with livestock producers to help them improve efficiency of production and increase total farm income. Extension helps producers to focus on product evaluation, assists with performance testing, records and management, improving marketing, control of parasites, and using proper management skills and techniques. Extension maintains the Beef Cattle Information Database as a resource for cattle producers.

The Michigan State University (MSU) Beef Center is operated by MSU undergraduate and Institute of Agricultural Technology students under the supervision a Center manager, operations supervisor, two animal caretakers, and faculty coordinator. The Center consists of a purebred Angus herd, commercial Simmental x Angus herd, stocker cattle, and beef finishing operation. Our mission is to advance agriculture using multidisciplinary approaches to teach, generate, disseminate and apply knowledge in beef cattle biology and management.

MSUcares, or Coordinated Access to the Research and Extension System, is a joint effort between the Mississippi State University Extension Service and the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (MAFES). Our scientists, specialists, and agents work daily to solve problems all across our state. MSU was host to the 2006 Beef Improvement Federation annual meeting.

Your resource for cooking questions, recipes, educational material as well as industry information and giveaways. Nebraska Beef Council invests producer dollars in research, promotion, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing and producer communication, all with the purpose of strengthening demand for beef and veal in both domestic and foreign markets.

Cooperative Extension Educators are housed in every county, where they work side-by-side with residents to address local issues and concerns. County personnel can call upon state, district, and area Extension specialists who develop programs based on science-based, objective information to help Oklahomans solve problems, promote leadership, and manage resources wisely. OCES programs focus on: Increasing opportunities for agricultural enterprises; Natural resources and environmental management; Food, nutrition, health and safety education; Youth, family and community development.

The Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR) focuses its research, teaching and extension education expertise in agriculture and food programs, natural resources, families and communities to help Nebraska grow an environmentally sound, economically viable, socially responsible future. The Beef Cattle Production site is a rich collection of timely information for cattle producers.

The Classic is the Midwest’s Premiere Livestock Showcase. The Classic features 13 cattle breed shows and sales, Ranch Horse Competition, Ranch Horse Sale, Working Dog Trials & Sale, Commercial Trade Show, Live Cattle Displays, Replacement Heifer Pen of 5 Sale, Royal Ice Sale (embryos, flushes, semen) and Nebraska Junior Show. We invite you to our site to learn more about the Classic and see show and sale results for past years.


Our results prove the value of the cattle. You get the most complete data in the industry as well as the details of how we do it. We use purebred Angus, Brangus, and Simmental bulls in our AI program and as natural service. We use a structured, disciplined rotational crossbreeding system with a balanced focus on fertility and carcass resulting in females and steers with the highest level of heterosis. We have 14 years of carcass data that has help guide our breeding. All data is available to anyone and much of it is on our web site.

The Lorell Ranch is located in the foothills of South Western Alberta. The operation focuses on environmental practices to preserve the land. Stocker cattle are run in the summer months and a cow calf herd is maintained. Laycraft Agriculture Consulting focuses on sound management and profitability.


The Red Angus breed’s primary objective is to supply the best objectively described genetics to the commercial beef industry. Red Angus adopted Total Herd Reporting a decade ahead of other breeds, and is now the only beef breed that genetically describes cattle for reproduction, growth, maintenance energy requirement and carcass traits. Red Angus Marketing Programs help customers achieve a greater return on their investment in superior Red Angus genetics. The Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP) was the industry’s first USDA Process Verified Program, and currently offers traceability to a minimum of 50% Angus Bloodlines, Source Verification to the Ranch of Origin, and Group Age Verification.


Tired of endless paperwork and paper trails? You belong outside, not at a desk… that’s why we’re here. Four Aces Cattle Connections provides intensive record keeping service for producers with an age and source verification option, numerous marketing opportunities and placement for calves and cows. We also provide a herd care management program where we care for cattle on a per head, per day basis. Contact us today!

Leachman Cattle of Colorado is a leading supplier of seedstock. In addition to marketing bulls, females, and semen, we also provide data services to progressive ranchers. Cow Sense Next Gen users can submit data to Leachman and receive our industry leading $Ranch, $Feeder, and $Profit indexes. Email us to learn more.