Record Keeping Made Easy… or at least Tolerable


Tired of:

  • Re-entry of records from calving books to computer
  • Out dated records that are simply not accurate
  • Last minute catch-up to print necessary field reports
  • Loosing critical treatment information or cattle movements from location to location

Pocket Cow Sense 


  • Breeding Data

  • Preg Check Data

  • Calving Data

  • Weighing Data (BW, WW, YW, etc.)

  • Herd Heath and Treatments

  • Cattle locations

  • Shipping or movement data

  • Inventory Work Lists

Export to Cow Sense for powerful reports and analysis!


 EID Compatible!

A Pocket PC equipped with Bluetooth communications allows you to use a wireless EID Reader to scan EIDs onto calf records or “lookup” records of either calves or cows.

Scan EIDs when processing a group of cattle to create a “Work List” of EID numbers.  Then import this data into Cow Sense to update cattle records, inventories by location, change locations, create a shipment listing or record group processing information.

(Requires a Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5 or 6 Operating System and a Cow Sense installation on your desktop or laptop computer)


Call us at 800-584-0040 or email sales@cowsense.com if you would like to check on the availability of Pocket PC’s that we have in stock or available for purchase.