Breed Association Data Conversion



We will help you get started by creating a basic Cow Sense NxGen herd file from a breed association data extract.  We commonly convert data from:

  • American Angus Association
  • American Chianina Association
  • American International Charolais Association
  • American Gelbvieh Association
  • American Hereford Association
  • American Maine Anjou Association
  • American Salers Association
  • American Shorthorn Association
  • American Simmental Association
  • Braunvieh Association of America
  • North American Limousin Foundation
  • Red Angus Association of America

Contact us for a quote for converting data from an association that may not be listed.  In addition, contact us for a quote if you have multiple breeds or wish to have us build your initial Cow Sense Herd file by combining multiple breed association data.


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