Cow Sense Chuteside 2nd Site License



The Cow Sense® Herd Management Software and the Cow Sense Suite of Products including Chuteside are licensed as a single-user installation on one computer.

We understand that producers sometimes need to have the software installed on more than one computer (ex. desktop and a loptop computer) for use within a single operation. Therefore, we offer a second site license at a very low cost.

 *See the Cow Sense Second Site


  • The Chuteside program is an accessory to Cow Sense and requires a core product license (NgPro, NgPro100, NgEZ, NgEZ100)
  • After purchase, a new activation key will be sent to you which will unlock the Chuteside features in your current Cow Sense NxGen program.


See the Chuteside product detail sheet


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