Allflex AWR300 Series Bluetooth/WiFi Stick Reader Kit

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Introducing the next generation EID stick reader and features a 8GB memory with a large back-lit display.

  • Long read range (30cm or 12″), for all HDX, FDX-B ear tags to ISO Standard 11784/11785
  • Outstanding battery life, even at top power consumption, in continuous read mode, the LI-Ion Battery will last around 12 hours
  • 8GB memory for up to 1 million records. Record tag numbers with time stamp data and additional information
  • The database function can display several items of data at once and add new information for an individual animal from defined lists including breeds or medicines
  • Activities announced by multiple LED lights, plus a choice of sounds and vibration, to ensure you never miss an action
  • Large backlit color display, to clearly read IDs at scanning, even in dim light
  • Lightweight, well balanced with a robust construction and weatherproof to IP67 standard
  • Built-in real-time clock displays Date and Time
  • Connect to external devices using either WLAN, USB or Bluetooth connection

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