Whether your record keeping needs are low-tech or high-tech…Cow Sense NxGen is your solution to easy, accurate record keeping… customized to your operation and management!

  • Cow Sense NG operates on all current PC versions of Microsoft Windows and Windows XP.
  • Not ready to install the Trial Edition? See our Online Demo for a walk-through of Cow Sense!
  • Need a computer? We offer inexpensive Windows 10 computers with Cow Sense pre-installed and ready to go!

Download Trial Edition

Get the Quick Start Guide

Instructions: SAVE the file to your computer’s ‘Desktop.’ When the download is finished, RUN when prompted, or find ‘ngtrial.exe’ on the Desktop and double-click (OPEN) it.  The installation process will begin.

It is OK to delete the file you downloaded from the Desktop after installation is complete and Cow Sense Trial Edition is running.

Description: The Cow Sense Trial Edition is the best way to find out about Cow Sense. You can actually run Cow Sense with the Sample Herd or set up new herds of your own. In the Trial Edition, you may use all Cow Sense functionality for ten sessions. When you purchase Cow Sense, all of your work will be there, ready to go! You may run both EZ and Pro editions.

To purchase Cow Sense and activate the Trial Edition, simply call 1-800-584-0040 or send an email to for more information.