A simple tool… that does a complicated job!

How it works…


(Example shown of the BEEFSTAR exchange with the existing Feedlot data management system)

Feeders that have an established relationship with Cow Sense users can easily retrieve critical on ranch data about the cattle before they even reach the feedlot. 

 Individual feedlot, carcass performance, and health treatments can seamlessly be returned to the producer.

BeefSTAR™ is a product of Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C. and licensed to feedlots, backgrounders, stockers, livestock auction markets and packers on an annual basis.  Pricing is based upon volume of records and usage.  

Cow Sense® has long been recognized as the leader in herd management solutions for the cow-calf industry.  We have been electronically exchanging individual animal data with feedlots since 1998. 

With today’s challenges facing the beef industry including source and process verification, we have expanded, improved and simplified our data exchange capabilities through Beef STAR® data exchange systems.

Beef STAR Feedlot is one such system and is licensed by Midwest MicroSystems (the origin of Cow Sense) for use in the feedlot to provide feeders an ability to exchange critical data with cow-calf producers.  

With Beef STAR®  & Cow Sense®


  • Source and process verification
  • Date of birth documentation


  • Data formatted for import into your affiliated feedlot data system


  • Individual initial processing data
  • Individual feedlot performance data
  • Individual health & treatment data
  • Individual carcass data

Documentation of incoming cattle made seamless and simple.

The cow-calf producer simply identifies the cattle in Cow Sense (including premise ID) that will be delivered and where they are going.

Cow Sense and Beef STAR  do the rest!

Best of Both Worlds

Local control and security, with…

Web enabled tracking and delivery!

The Partner Exchange Tool (PET) function in Cow Sense packages and delivers the producer’s Cow Sense data to our host server. These data are secured by private login and available to be picked up only by Beef STAR.  Because Beef STAR is installed on your feedlot’s local computer, data can only be retrieved and returned by your system. Data does not reside at the web. In this case, the Internet serves solely as a vehicle to transfer the data.