Sale Manager- Producer Edition




Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Just Got Easier!

Sale Manager™ sale and customer management software by Midwest MicroSystems L.L.C. is the most powerful and complete sale management and customer database for seedstock operations on the market today.  Whether you sell your seedstock private treaty or in a production auction, Sale Manager is a vital marketing companion. Instant access and up-date customer records as well as buying history, sale analysis, and catalog preparation are just a few of the features of this revolutionary program.

Like Cow Sense, Sale Manager’s user-friendly design combines with its powerful reporting and flexibility make it a favorite among progressive seedstock producers everywhere. Not only is Sale Manager a useful customer and sale management software, it is a must-have tool in the very competitive seedstock marketing arena. Sale Manager is like having a team of marketing professionals on staff 24 hours a day!

Use Sale Manager to:

  • Improve your customer knowledge, relationships and foster stronger customer loyalty!
  • Enhance the efficiency of your private treaty and production sales!
  • Evaluate your cattle where it counts — in the marketplace!
  • Ease the chore of assembling catalog and historical customer data!
  • Generate sale statistics tracked back to sires and dams

Take advantage of these Sale Manager benefits in your operation:

  • Sell more cattle in less time
  • Have instant buyer recognition and immediate sale statistics during a production auction
  • Add that professional touch to marketing your seedstock
  • Increase your private treaty professionalism and marketing power
  • Organize and export mailing lists to effectively increase customer communications
  • Utilize year-round customer and sale analysis to aid in your marketing plan
  • Know more about your customers than ever before
  • Import prospect mailing lists as well as current animal data from breed associations
  • Export sale results to QuickBooks or other compatible accounting software.
  • Automation improves accuracy, efficiency and expands capacity, ensuring a more successful sale.

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Although Sale Manager can be used as a standalone program your efficiency and accuracy are enhanced when used with Cow Sense herd management software.  Sale Manager is even MORE POWERFUL and MORE CONVENIENT when used with Cow Sense.

*After payment is processed we will send you a link to download your program

NOTE: Sale Manager is presently in the process of a program re-write to upgrade it to our all new Next Generation (NxGen) platform.  In it’s present design it must be installed on a computer with a Windows 32-bit Operating System.  Please contact us to discuss your operation’s needs and installation options of our present program.  Any Sale Manager program purchased in the interim, qualifies for a FREE Upgrade to Sale Manager NxGen when it becomes available!

*Save $100 when purchased with Cow Sense NxGen PRO! When Sale Manager and Cow Sense are used together, you load data automatically from Cow Sense for your catalog and your sale, and your production records are easily updated with sale results. Sale Manager is more powerful and more convenient when used with Cow Sense. Please contact us at 800-584-0040 if you would like to purchase BOTH NxGen PRO and Sale Manager Producer for a savings of $100.

Are you looking for a powerful, sale day clerking solution? Sale Manager Multi-User is the answer!

Whether you sell your cattle with the fall of the auctioneer’s gavel or the shake of a hand, Sale Manager gives your operation that added marketing edge!