VBS Direct Support Plan 60 minutes



Customer Service Plans

In addition to included documentation, sample information, and included technical support time our Customer Service Professionals are ready to help you get the most out of your program. This is where your Value Based Service (VBS) plans provide you that friendly voice and the technical assistance to meet your individual needs. Our VBS plans not only provide you answers to your questions but also enable users to receive the maximum benefit from our products.

Purchase VBS Plans in 1-hour increments (60 minutes) called Cow Chips. The time we spend assisting you is billed against the Cow Chips you have purchased on a 1 to 1 basis for a minute of support services. We maintain a database of all support services provided and supply you with a support statement. Your support statement (available on-line) includes detailed record of each contact, the question(s) or support issue(s), the response and the resolution. You save time and money when the answers are at your fingertips!

*Please Note that Support Time purchased outside of our normal business hours will reflect on your account the following business day.

See the Customer Service Detailer Sheet


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