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Slow download speed or unreliable internet connection?

Then order the installation on CD. We will ship the CD, which has the Pasture Sense Trial Edition on it. Install Pasture Sense and evaluate whether it fits your needs. Purchase the full program when you are ready. We will send the Activation Key and you can begin using the program.

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Use Pasture Sense to:

  • Record animal movements
  • Calculate grazing demands
  • Keep track of weather
  • Record pasture maintenance
  • Inventory assets

Do it all in a graphical format using map images you download or draw yourself!

Map your property – insert any image as your map, or Pasture Sense can help you locate and obtain an aerial photo and insert it into Pasture Sense. Then add your pastures to the map image. Then draw your pasture labels as ‘hot spots’ on the images to record pasture activities.

Record grazing usage, observations such as range conditions, predominant forage types, precipitation, available forage, fertilization and even quantities harvested for hay.

Instead of old notebooks or scraps of paper in the pickup, store all the information in Pasture Sense to get easy access to your records. Reports recap all activities by pasture on the map and list all pastures in a condensed format that enables you to make comparisons.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: When installing Pasture Sense, please install to your Root Drive (C:\), not to the default location

See the Pasture Sense product detail sheet


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