AFX-Universal Total Tagger


Allflex Universal Total Tagger

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Allflex Universal Total Tagger

  • A must for applying Allflex Global Tags
  • Also use to apply Allflex Tamperproof, EID and Classic tags
  • Deep jaw makes proper placement easier
  • Grip is designed to ease hand fatigue from repeated use
  • Packaged complete with 2 Pins (red blunt and silver sharp) and 2 Inserts (black and white) needed to apply all Allflex tags
  • Some assembly required to configure for tagging
  • Assemble with red blunt pin and no insert to apply EID tags

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Shipping Notice: Due to unforeseen supply/shipping issues and material shortages, several Allflex tags and accessories are not readily available. Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery of Allflex items at this time.